You Might Be Addicted to Sugar

This site is primarily dedicated to issues of Food Intolerance and under that umbrella is the issue of Sugar Intolerance.  Another Food issue that runs rampant, however is Sugar Addiction and it is appropriate to discuss it here since the solution is the same as the treatment for any other food intolerance; eliminating the food – in this case, the sugar.

It is possible to be sugar intolerance and sugar addicted, however they are two separate things.  If you are sugar intolerant, it is the same as any other food intolerance and you must avoid sugar as much as possible.  Look for terms that mean “sugar”: tubinado, fructose, sucrose, glucose, lactose, maltose, xylose, corn syrup, malt syrup, rice syrup, dextrose, honey, molasses.

Sugar Addiction on the other hand is the non-stop need and craving for sweets and sugary foods.The sweet of sugar is in bags, boxes, cans, bottles, jars and on menus everywhere in our country.  The “Sugar Addiction Cycle” goes like this –

  • The body says “Please give me sugar.”
  • If denied that sugar, then a strong feeling takes over and the body is saying “I want some sugar.”
  • Deny the body sugar still and it will say, “I need sugar!”
  • Hold off longer and your body will start screaming “Give me sugar now  #^(*$&!”

For someone who then eats the sugar, there is a feeling of pleasure and the person functions undisturbed. But several hours later, the Sugar Addiction Cycle begins again.  Studies show that consuming 3-6 teaspoons of sugar depresses the immune system for the next 6-8 hours!

Our bodies crave sugar.  In fact, put simply, sugar converts to energy when it enters the body and our bodies need energy to function.  Sugar is a quick and simple fix.  But in those 28.6 grams of carbohydrate that are in 1 ounce of sugar, there is no fiber, no protein, and no significant amounts of vitamins or minerals.  It is just a bit of quick energy in crystalline form – kind of like Crack Cocaine for many and for some, perhaps even worse!    When we think of addictive substances we commonly think of the nicotine in cigarettes, the alcohol in beverages such as beer and wine or even the caffeine in our coffee. But for many, sugar can be just as addictive.

Excess sugar in our diet is linked to Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and many other diseases as well, including an increased risk factor for heart disease.

Waiting too long between meals and snacks can cause you to become so hungry and irritable that it’s hard to think clearly. That can in turn cause us to grab quick and easily-accessible foods that are high in sugar (and saturated fat too – but that’s another issue).

If you are addicted to sugar, I wish I could say that beating a sugar addiction will be easy, but it will not. However, there is a choice to be made. We can continue to exist in an unhealthy state, living off of whatever drops out of the vending machine or is passed through the drive-thru window, or we can make a stand to live healthier in order to feel better, be better, and live longer.  You can do it.  Check back for tips and tricks for beating sugar addiction.

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