Food Intolerance Info Shares Important Health Alerts

While we are most concerned on this site with Food Intolerance issues, it is important that we never lose sight of other very important, and very basic dietary  and health concerns.  This would include being mindful of the foods and drinks we put in our bodies that we are not necessarily intolerant to, but in most cases are nonetheless, just as bad for us as eating something to which we have a food intolerance.

Many people who visit this food intolerance site are cognizant that there is something going on with their health.  They usually have been misdiagnosed or given the wrong treatment.  They also have usually been suffering with needless symptoms for some time.  The point is, the Food Intolerance Info readers tend to be more educated on health and wellness and are seeking to feel optimal rather than just “better than bad” and kudos to you all!

Whatever may be on your mind and regardless of the state of your health, we can all benefit from reading these 5 little health and diet alerts below:

  1. Monitor Your Blood Pressure on Your Own as Well as When You See Your Physician. In comparing patients who receive conventional treatment for high blood pressure, patients who are trained to check their blood pressure on their own at home tend to experience a more significant fall in blood pressure.  The reason is probably that they are more aware of their blood pressure and that awareness translates into more healthful activities and diet being on the top of their consciosness.  The average systolic blood pressure in this study decreased by 12.9 points in 6 months and 17.6 points in one year.  ~The Lancet, July 2010. It is also important to keep in mind that there are many factors that contribute to high blood pressure and the more you do to keep yours in check, the better you will be operating throughout your day and sleeping at night and that also contributes to a healthy blood pressure level.
  2. The occurrence of diabetes in the United States has doubled in the past fifteen years.  The highest occurence of diabetes is among adults ages 65-79 years old.  70% of people ages 60 or older are overweight and even obese.  Excess body fat around the waist area and the gaining of weight after the age of 50 are both associated with an increased risk of diabetes. ~Journal of the American Medical Association, July 2010. Many people are addicted to sugar.  Their bodies crave it and it is an addiction just as powerful as any other to drugs or alcohol.  Countless Americans are afflicted with sugar addiction and sugar consumption throughout one’s life is also a contributing factor to diabetes.
  3. Yoga, meditation, prayer and psychotherapy have demonstrated in scientifically-proven studies to reduce stress.
  4. People who feel stressed may have a tendency to indulge in alcohol as a means of calming down or escape.  Alcohol is a proven mood depressant.  There are many people who have a food intolerance to wheat, gluten or yeast and these three ingredients are in roughly 99% of all beers and many wines and liquors.  Considering that many people have wheat, yeast or gluten intolerance, the consumption of alcoholic beverages will not only affect their mood, but if will effect them in terms of food intolerance symptoms as well.
  5. One of the Worst Foods for you is Found in your Freezer - Gourmet Ice Cream.  Assuming you do not have a dairy intolerance, which would result in the consumption of ice cream causing all kind of food intolerance-related symptoms, even if you stick to a modest ½ cup serving size (which most people do not), eating gourmet ice cream sends your daily totals of saturated fat, total fat and calories into overload. A one-half cup serving of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has 260 calories, 14 grams of fat, 9 grams saturated fat, 65 milligrams cholesterol and 23 grams sugar. Since most people do not limit themselves to just a 1/2 cup, and the average person fills their bowl with anything from double to quadruple the suggested serving size, you can only imagine what that does to you in terms of organ function.

Remember, Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels!

….And Nothing Feels as Good as Healthy!